Ancient Ram Inn Wotton-under-Edge

ram innReputedly one of the most paranormally active buildings in Britain, The Ancient Ram Inn needs no introduction. Built in 1145 and now owned by the enigmatic John Humphries the building probably has more ghost stories attached to it than any other. The building has served many purposes over the centuries but most notably as a pub until it pulled its’ last pint in the 1960s when it was “saved” by the present owner. Rich in history the Ram Inn is said to be the haunt of over twenty restless spirits including several highwaymen, a monk, a seven foot tall incubus and a witch who was burnt at the stake in the grounds to name but a few. On recent excavations at the Ram, the bones of children were found under the floor with ritualistic daggers found near to their skeletal remains.


Many interesting artefacts have been found on the site and John is always eager to show guests these incredible finds along with many ghostly photographs that have been taken in the building.

One of the most haunted rooms in the entire inn is called “The Bishop’s Inn”. The room is found on the first floor of the house. When the inn was still a bed and breakfast, a lot of guests would not want to sleep in the room. Some who did sleep ended up fleeing in the middle of the night. It is said that the ghost of a monk haunts the room on a regular basis.


FPI have visited the Ram on numerous occasions and have certainly found it to be active. On one visit during the day with a London film production company we experienced incredible communication with several spirits of the Inn. Probably the most memorable visit for me was one afternoon in the Witches Room where we encountered a ghost cat! I had plainly heard a cat in the room and I shall always remember the KII placed on the floor flashing rapidly every time that John called the cat “Tiger” to him.

There is so much I can say about the Ram Inn but a simple Google search will result in numerous ghost stories and historical records concerning this wonderful old building. Definitely worth a visit for any serious paranormal investigator.