Dean Heritage Centre


The Dean Heritage Centre is set across a stunning and fully interactive five acre site. The centre protects and preserves the unique history and heritage of the beautiful Forest of Dean. There are five galleries exploring the history of the Forest from the Ice Age to the present day; a reconstructed Victorian cottage and a charcoal burner’s camp.

FPI was joined by a lady called Scary Mary for this investigation. Mary prefers the Victorian era to modern day and is often seen in the local towns, dressed accordingly. FPI investigated the school rooms and the cottage and brought along Mary to add to the ambiance. The cottage belonged elsewhere in the Forest years ago, and was rebuilt on its site using all the original materials, then furnished. There is a real sense of how small these miners homes were as their families were usually large. There was KII communication, and FPI connected with a little girl in her bedroom. It was during this investigation, Paula had her skirt tugged forcefully, as though the girl really was only hip height, and may have been pulling it for Paula’s full attention.

Perhaps this little girl was connected to the fabric of this miners cottage and/or the furniture in it? Perhaps Mary’s swishing skirts drew her out?