Naas Lane

Naas Lane was another eye-opener for me as I believe it to be the only place I have ever been psychically attacked by a malicious spirit. Paula and I were walking back towards Naas House and I was perhaps slightly intimidating a known spirit of the Lane, William Morgan. On July 22nd 1771 William murdered a Miss Jones on the lane and I was hoping to draw him out of the shadows with a little playful chat. As we drew near to the house where Miss Jones had lived I felt what can only be described as unseen fists punching me in my back. I doubled up in obvious pain and when asked if it was William Morgan dealing the blows the KII responded by flashing erratically. We eventually managed to get back to the car and I must admit that we left in a hurry! We found a nearby pub where we could stop for a drink to calm our nerves and were horrified to see, when we pulled my T shirt up, a large angry red mark on my back exactly where I had felt the blows. The video can be seen on this page. I have never since encountered anything of this nature again although I definitely plan to return to Naas Lane in the future for Round Two!