New Inn Gloucester


The Inn was built in 1450[ by John Twyning, a monk, as a hostelry for the former Benedictine Abbey of St Peter. It is on the site of an earlier inn. After the dissolution of St Peter’s the inn passed to the Dean and Chapter of Gloucester Cathedral and was leased to various inn holders until it was sold in 1858. Stories that the inn was built to provide lodgings for pilgrims to the tomb of King Edward II were first recorded in the eighteenth century and may be incorrect.[1]

In 1553, King Edward VI died and Lady Jane Grey was proclaimed Queen from the first floor gallery by the Abbott of Gloucester. [5][3]

It is thought that William Shakespeare may have performed at the Inn with his company The Lord Chamberlain’s Men as it is known that the company did visit and perform in the city.

There are many ghost stories associated with The New Inn and FPI have extensively investigated the building. Here are some of their findings…