New Inn Pwllmeyric

Situated in the sleepy village of Pwllmeyric, just outside Chepstow, The New Inn is a friendly, welcoming pub that we have investigated on a number of occasions. We also featured on the Great British Ghosts episode that was filmed there in 2012.

DSCF4336 DSCF4305 DSCF4317 578740_10150808290455295_599419921_nThere are varying opinions as to the age of the Inn but the general consensus of opinion is that it was built sometime in the early 18th century, although an earlier Tudor building once stood on the site. The Inn is built over a system of wells and water courses and there are tales of Occult and witchcraft connected to the area. Folklore tells of a young woman and her daughter who were hanged for their alleged dabbling in the practice of witchcraft. The inn has a rich history and obviously some interesting ghost stories attached to it. Staff at the Inn very often experience sudden cold spots and items of cutlery have mysteriously disappeared only to reappear overnight arranged in various patterns and shapes. The previous Landlady’s daughter has seen the ghostly figure of a female in one of the upper rooms and recently the apparition of a man has been seen in the cellar only to promptly vanish when questioned. On our first visit Paula immediately picked up on the spirit of the woman and child that were allegedly hanged in the area and also with the connection to paganism in the area. We also witnessed strange dancing balls of light in the function room one night and also some very strong communication through the KII meter. The Inn has recently changed hands but I believe the new owners are favourable to the paranormal. Why not pay this lovely old building a visit and experience it for yourself.

New Inn Pwllmeyric Great British Ghosts