Our Equipment




Digital Voice Recorders. There are theories that spirit can impress their voice on sound recording equipment. Has anyone ever seen the film white noise?………..Quite often these portable recorders will be left in areas of known paranormal activity for some considerable length of time. We also use digital and analogue microphones linked to various recorders including laptops.

Quite often voices and sounds are discovered post investigation and these are called EVP….electronic voice phenomena….



EMF and K2 meters. You may have seen these on some of the Ghost hunting programmes on TV. High levels or fluctuations in EMF have been known to accompany paranormal activity



Most importantly, cameras. There is nothing worse than when a headless tap-dancing full torsol apparition singing Ghostbusters floats by and the camera is in the other room.

Our main cameras are full High Definition hard Disk Sony camcorders, lightweight, compact and incorporating Night Vision. Coupled with infrared boosters these allow us to record in pitch black. We also utilise DVD Camcorders with night vision for lone vigils, digital SLR and digital compact cameras for stills



Motion detectors…….Similar to standard security equipment, these utilise infrared and microwave technology to detect movement. Quite often we set these up in an area of high traffic activity such as corridors, doorways and near to trigger objects. Trigger objects are items put in place to encourage and monitor movement by spirit. Very often these will be significant to the historical activity of the building or area. These objects can be toys, crosses etc often dusted with flour or salt to emphasise any movement displayed



A quick note on protection. FPI do not conform to a single belief system. However, we do advocate protection from psychic attack. This involves grounding, centering, visualisation and white light. Individually we also have methods which shields us from potential negativity.