Picturedrome Gloucester

The Picturedrome Theatre on Barton Street is Gloucester’s largest theatre venue. Situated in the heart of a vibrant, multi-cultural community. Built in 1923 as a 700 seat cinema, it was converted into a theatre in the 1980s. It now has a capacity of 375, with a main stage and a bar.

FPI investigated this venue several times and took guests along. There was a male spirit found to be a joker with a mad sense of humor, who left his impression on guests and brought out giggles, however unexplained, amongst the team too. This man has chosen to stay in the thetre as he likes it, and many of the staff and visitors have reported experienced his presence and his wit.

It was also at the Picturedrome during a scrying session that one of the guests on an event had an incredibly frightening experience. You can see the video here…

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