Punch House Monmouth


The Punch House is built in Agincourt Square and is a Grade II listed building. The Punch House was originally a coaching inn called The Wine Vaults. Records show the pub was in existence in 1769. The pub was known as The Punch House from around 1832 but did not change to The Punch House officially until 1896. The pub that stands today was originally two pubs until the late 1990s. At that date the Punch House was extended to include The Bull public house which occupied the adjoining premises. The Bull itself was originally known as The Black Bull in the 1800s. The internal door which now unites the two lounges downstairs is said to be the door of Monmouth County Gaol. This is easy to imagine as the Shire Hall courtrooms also reside opposite the Punch House

FPI investigated this hotel, and its many rooms. It has an old world atmosphere, but if there are any ghosts, they were staying rather quiet. The cellar was the only room of paranormal interest. During a séance, Mark was scratched on his back. This was unexplainable and dramatic since he couldn’t recall having hurt himself previously. Also FPI discovered that from these cellars are a myriad of tunnels leading out to the church and the Griffin pub. The Griffin is reputed for its Knights Templar rituals in days of old. Because Mark was provoking activity of some nature, perhaps he was being warned by something lurking, unseen…?