St Mary’s Church Tintern


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St Mary’s Church is one venue that we were warned against investigating by several sources. Reputed to have been a centre for black magic ritual and Satanic worship the old ruined church looking out over Tintern Abbey is said to be a place to avoid after dark. Of course we had to investigate!

FPI St Mary’s Church Part I

We have investigated the church a total of 5 times now, both in daylight and at night with some incredible results.

Medieval in origin, the church was virtually rebuilt in 1866-68 by John Prichard.


While much of the church is still clearly visible today, a fire in 1977 left the building in ruins. There are many theories about that night in 1977 and there is very little information about it on the internet. We do know that a group of teenagers visited the church one evening and a fire subsequently broke out killing at least one of the youths. Over the years many stories have sprung up that have almost become urban legend. Most of these are undoubtedly fabricated. There are stories that the youths were performing a Ouija board séance when embers from a fire they had lit drifted down from the upper floor to the lower section of the church where they ignited and grew to a fire significant enough to gut the entire building. There are stories that the doors locked by themselves when the teenagers attempted to flee the building and even tales that a number of the youths spent the rest of their lives’ in a mental institution. These stories have obviously been embellished over time and bear no resemblance to the truth.

FPI St Mary’s Church Part II

The building itself, like many others, takes on an entirely different feel at night. There is a pervading atmosphere of darkness about the place and a nocturnal visit there is certainly not for the faint-hearted.

During our investigations there we experienced some incredible KII hits in answer to our questions. When you consider that there is no electrical interference at the site, the fact that we have unnatural fluctuations in EMF are unusual to say the least, let alone in immediate response to our questions. Of course there could be the theory of stray RF interference but the building is so remote this is highly unlikely.

On one summers evening we experienced a total of four digital voice recorders that would be suddenly and unexplainably drained of battery power. The batteries were all completely charged prior to the investigation and the very fact that all four recorders experienced a similar problem is highly unusual.

We also experienced some interesting Class A EVPs at the venue with several growls being captured over several investigations.

In August 2013 FPI teamed up with Chris Halton and Haunted Earth for an evening investigation at the church. We had a great night with some very clear communication, the results of which can be seen here or on the Haunted Earth website.

More recently FPI teamed up with Chris Marsland and Matt Fraser to form a new side project called Three Metalheads and a Hippie. We once again visited St Mary’s Church to see if our old friends were still in residence!