The Angel Hotel


The Angel Hotel in Coleford is another of our favourite venues. We have without doubt investigated this building more than any other due to the fact that four members of the team lived in very close proximity to it for a number of years. At one point we were investigating the Angel on a weekly basis and have built up a paranormal “profile” of the building. It also featured on Great British Ghosts where FPI had the pleasure of providing a guided tour of the building for Michaela and the cameras.


Built in the 1650s it was refronted or rebuilt around 1800. For many years it housed an excise office and in the mid 18th century it was the town’s principal coaching inn and it was used for public meetings and assemblies. There are even rumours that the Inn was used as an embalming room and mortuary at some point in its history.


The Angel has more than its fair share of ghost stories with many of the bar staff seeing and hearing strange phenomena when working late at night. One resident ghost has even been nicknamed “Fred” by the staff. The sound of children running through the corridors is often heard on the upper floors and dark shadows are often seen in the nightclub “Magnums”.

On one event that we held at the hotel a full bodied apparition was seen twice in one evening. Two guests witnessed a woman dressed in what looked like a Victorian maids outfit in the Royal Room. It was here that FPI also witnessed poltergeist activity when a KII meter was violently thrown from the four poster bed. This room seems to be the domain of a very cooperative female spirit named Catherine and she very often communicates through the KII meter or Ghostbox. One night she even threw an EMF meter of the bed!

Upstairs is the realm of a particularly nasty spirit called Jack. He tends to frequent the Wye Room and has often expressed his displeasure at us being there. This room definitely has a different feeling to the rest of the building. We have often experienced battery drainage and camera malfunctions in this room and sometimes the lights will suddenly switch off of their own volition.

One type of phenomena stands out at the Angel and that is EVP, Electronic Voice Phenomena. These are disembodied voices captured on audio recording equipment and are very often not heard at the time of recording. We have captured some incredible Class A EVPs in this building, particularly in the Kavern Bar, many of which can been seen here.