The Fountain Inn

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This public house is situated in the very heart of our Forest. For 21 years, the landlady has been seeing a strange white figure from the corner of her eye, and she calls in the FPI to investigate. During a séance with ouija board, Adam sees the same phenomena, enough to make the team jump. Upon reviewing the footage, Paula notices this white figure has been caught on an infrared camera. The evidence is presented to the landlady who recognises the face as similar to the picture hanging up in the pub of Margret Gunter, the landlady from the turn of 1900.FPI return to debunk, setting up the same environment and conditions. They also present their evidence to CJ Romer, a qualified parapsychologist, who is also able to establish the footage and the face as credible.

 The capture made the front page of The Wye Valley review with the caption :”Is this the first Forest Ghost Caught on Camera?