Woodchester Mansion

Another venue that needs no introduction Woodchester Mansion has been placed high on the list of haunted buildings.

19047153Commissioned in the 1850s by William Leigh, the strange thing about Woodchester is that it has never been lived in! The building was never completed but does stand on the site of a much older Georgian building named Spring Park. The estate has much earlier origins, with evidence of occupation dating back to pre-Roman times. Nevertheless Woodchester Mansion is an impressive sight. I shall always remember my first encounter with Woodchester in 2004. After walking about half a mile along a wooded path I rounded a corner to find a magnificent, stone built gothic building complete with gargoyles. It just screams “haunted house” at you. The inside of the building is no less impressive with stone archways, grand staircases, vaulted ceilings and long dark corridors.

003Woodchester Mansion has been extensively investigated over the years and there are many ghost stories attached to the building and grounds. The ghost of a headless horseman has been seen riding at one of the nearby lakes. A coffin is said to have been witnessed hovering above the ground also in this area. The ghost of a black dog has been seen in the building coinciding with the death of several people connected to the Mansion. Several monks have been reported in the Chapel with hooded figures seen standing in doorways. The spirit of a young girl has been seen on numerous occasions playing and running up and down the stairs to the first floor. On a number of occasions a figure, often described as a ‘ragged dwarf’, has been seen. The list goes on.


During one visit in 2007 I captured one of the best anomalies on camera I have captured to date. This was during an investigation of the cellar area of the Mansion, in my opinion the most active area of the building. The video can be seen here.

Light Anomaly Woodchester Mansion 2007


In October, 2011 FPI in conjunction with The Scream Team raised over £2,500 pounds for Cancer Research in a charity event at Woodchester Mansion. A great night was had by all with some very impressive activity recorded both on digital voice recorder and camera.

During a daytime visit to the Mansion we captured an incredible EVP. Unheard at the time, on playback a voice can clearly be heard telling the team to “Get out!” no less than 6 times!

I have investigated Woodchester many times over the years with consistent results. The building is simply stunning with such an incredible atmosphere. If you haven’t visited it already I cannot recommend it highly enough. We plan a return visit and may hold an event there in the future so watch this space!